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we are an award-winning casting company that has been fleshing out call sheets since 2004.

we cast everything.
live, recorded, short, long, one-offs and series, music vids and feature films.
we particularly love casting the glorious mini-dramedies commonly known as TV commercials.

our team is committed to uncovering authentic talent through a wide-reaching and inclusive casting process.

we love collaborating.

we get the best performances out of talent.

we deliver on creative vision.



Joe’s been casting since ’99. We’d call him an old hand, but he started young and has managed to maintain an incredible mullet, so you’d be hard-pressed to guess his age.
He has cast over 1,50
0 campaigns, including Cannes Lions award-winners, picked up his own D&AD Pencil for Casting for Film Advertising, and has won various CGA awards along the way.

Joe would never admit this, but many have called him a mind reader. He knows what directors want in a cast, and he nails it every time. It’s creepily true. Ask them!


Leon casts commercials. A lot of them. Local, offshore, big, small. You name it!
With over 20 years of hard yakka within the industry, there's honestly not much he hasn't done.

When not being high-fived by happy directors Leon spends any spare time operating a private taxi service for his kids.

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